A Glimpse into the Lives of Travellers and Gypsies

An exciting glimpse into the lives of Travellers and Gypsies has been offered by a fascinating exhibition at Sutton Central Library, highlighting some of the many stars with Traveller heritage.

The exhibition gives an insight into the lives of people of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller heritage and also confronts some of the myths which surround them. All the exhibits come as a range of high-quality photographs

Councillor Graham Tope, Vice-Chair of Sutton Council's Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee, said that The exhibition contains a lot of fascinating information and striking images and is intended to raise awareness, the cleaners in Sutton said.
Stars such as Elvis Presley, Eric Cantona and Michael Caine are revealed to have Traveller ancestry in the exhibition. This offers a further insight into how Traveller and Gypsy lives have changed over the centuries.
Organised by Sutton and Merton Traveller Education Service for Gypsy, Roma Traveller History Month, the exhibition will be open for visitors at the Europa Gallery in Sutton Library until 21 June.